• ‘Weight loss was a goal and I’ve achieved it! I am quite confident that I can be like this long term.’

    Alice, 48
  • ‘I really appreciate your guidance and getting me on the right path. It has been very emotional for me and I am very proud of what I have achieved…I am so much happier now. Thank you.’

    Mary, 36
  • ‘I think I have a different perception of food now which will help me going forward. I also managed to get fitter and bring my heart rate down. Siri was realistic (with her advice) and very knowledgeable.

    Clare, 23
  • ‘I’ve lost weight, lost body fat, and most importantly my blood pressure has dropped- this means I am able to take less medication. It has helped to show that small things can make a difference and I feel confident that I can stick to (the changes I have made).’

    Caroline, 29
  • ‘I have realised the big difference small changes can make! Excellent course and well worth the money. ’

    Jess, 27
  • ‘I have made positive changes to my lifestyle, which I feel I will be able to keep. Siri made our goals seem manageable and achievable.’

    Mandy, 25
  • ‘How would I describe the AntiDiet Course? Life changing.

    Jenny, 40
  • ‘I have been able to fit exercise into my lifestyle and come fitter than I have been for years. I’ve changed my approach to food and made weight loss an achievable goal and I’m motivated in a way I didn’t think was possible!’

    John, 60
  • ‘I’ve learned a great deal and it was much more fun than I expected…the workout was fantastic!’

    Ellen, 21
  • ‘I finally fit into that pair of jeans!’

    Gemma, 32
  • ‘This course dispels a lot of the myths about “healthy eating” and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and all the info is backed up with facts. Definitely recommended!’

    Matt, 30