Summer 2014: AntiDiet's Alternative Bikini Body Plan

Posted on Jun 14, 2014 by Siri Steinmo

AntiDiet's Alternative Bikini Body Plan

Well Summer is well and truly here and I bet that more than a few of us are starting to panic about the dreaded bikini season. Oh dear oh dear, Tenerife is just around the corner, just how do I get a bikini body, you ask? Put a bikini on, I reply. 

No but seriously folks, when it comes to looking and feeling good, slow, steady and balanced wins the race. Try and stay away from those alluring 'Get a Kate Moss bum 14 days flat' plans we see all over the magazine shelves this time of year and just be sensible (if a little more controlled) with your eating and exercise. It's true that eating nothing but salmon and asparagus for two weeks will make you look more svelt than you do now (and make your wee smell, by the way), but as soon as vacation is over you will be in a far worse place than you are at this moment. The second that plane touches down on your sunny shore of choice, you'll be gagging for some major holiday indulgence- triggered by all that deprivation!  And believe me, you can put on a helluva lot more fat in two weeks than you will have lost with your juice fast. 

So if you are going to be donning the dreaded two peice this summer and aren't feeling too comfortable with your lumps and bumps, here is AntiDiet's Alternative Bikini Body Plan.(I promise it won't make you hate life for the next fortnight) 


  • Step 1-  Look, I know it is sunny outside and pub gardens and roof terraces are awesome, but alcohol has more calories per gram than most food. Plus it is packed with sugar, which has the uncanny ability to turn itself into BELLY FAT fast with the help of our friend insulin. By all means, have a tipple now and then, but downing 700 calories of empty calories 3-4 nights a week will not do you any favours between now and your holiday. Bottom line: Stop drinking so much darn prosecco!
  • Step 2- And on that sugar note.... It is a killer for our waistlines and our health. Look high and wide for hidden sugars in foods we often don't even think of as sweet. Chances are that if it comes in a packet or bottle that it has a whole lot of sugar added so check your labels and allow yourself sugar ocassionally in the form of a treat, not a condiment, 'energy' bar or processed soup. Also be careful with low-fat foods, which often have sugar added to replace the flavour they removed when they took out the fat- yogurts and biscuits are a big culprit here. Bottom line: If you want to be a beach babe, sugar is not your friend  
  • Step 3- Don't have time to workout 6 days a week until holiday? So what. Just get more active. Think about how you can add more activity into your day. Can you get in any active travel? Walking to work or to see friends is a great way to burn a few hundred calories and often doesn't take much longer than public transport or traffic. Bottom line: Move more
  • Step 4-  Workout smarter and harder, not longer. I can't say this enough. Make the most of your workouts. You do NOT need to pound away jogging on a treadmill for an hour. In fact, that is a pretty inefficient way to exercise for fat-loss. Try and get in a few 25 minute High Intensity Metabolic workouts a week and make yourself into a fat-burning machine. Don't know what that is....? I love Jillian Michaels' DVDs and a Hiit Girl, a boutique women's fitness studio in London and Harrogate, see  Or call me for a one off  training session where I write you a plan that you can do at home or in your hotel room on holiday!  Bottom line: Ditch the long cardio sessions and up your resistance and metabolic work 
  • Step 5- Think about food positively rather than restrictively. How about thinking 'what can I put in my body that will help me look and feel great in my bikini?' rather than 'what am I absolutely NOT ALLOWED until holiday?' Focus on veggies, veggies, veggies! Get them into every meal of the day. They will fill you up and nurture you with amazing micronutrients and lots of  water. You really cannot have enough of the green stuff. Also if you aren't already having lots of protein, do. Every lunch and dinner should incorporate some non-processed meat, fish, eggs or pulses. And breakfast too if you can stomach a lamb chop before noon. Bottom Line: Feed yourself more vegetables and more protein than you are right now
  • Step 6- A few days before your trip cut down on booze, sugar, pulses and cruciferous vegetables like cabbage as a precautionary anti-bloat measure. Bottom line: Avoid the bloat 
  • Step 7- Take a deep breath. Tell your strong legs 'thank you' for taking you so many places. Tell your soft tummy 'I love you' for growing your babies. Tell your back fat 'cheers' for keeping you warm in winter and your not-so-taught arms 'ta'  for helping you hug your friends. Focus on all the things that your amazing body enables you to do... AND PUT YOUR BIKINI ON. 

Siri xx 

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