My name is Siri Steinmo,

I'm a health psychology specialist and personal trainer with a focus on weight management and dietary and physical activity behaviour change. I have worked in the health & fitness industry for 7 years, run a cognitive-behavioural weight loss and eating behaviour programme and see patients one-to-one at the University College Hospital Centre for Obesity Surgery and run community-level healthy eating workshops. I hold a BSc in Psychology, an MSc in Health Psychology, and a Level III Fitness Instructor plus Nutrition Qualification. AntiDiet is my solo venture and incorporates my knowledge and experience from fitness, psychology, the science of behaviour change and nutrition for weight loss.

I also am a recovered yoyo dieter. I spent many years of my younger life overweight and battling with my relationship to food and myself. I hated my body, but loved eating and was terrorised by not being able to reconcile incredibly strong drives to both be thin and to indulge. For years I was in a perpetual cycle of overeating, repenting, and repeating. I have been on every diet and extreme fitness regime going. I lost weight on some, I gave up on others, I also got pretty sick on a few! But one thing always happened…. I always put on weight again. And I usually put on more than I had lost in the first place. It turns out I am not alone.

Thank goodness I got out of this toxic cycle! I now know that just by being equipped with the right tools, being more aware of our own habits and by improving our knowledge of and relationship to food and exercise it is possible to lose weight for good. It IS possible to look better, be healthier and happier and in control of your weight without ever going on a diet again. And I would like to help you to do that.